Stephan Zandt

Research Assistant

Georgenstr. 47, Raum 4.25
10117 Berlin

+49 30 2093-66267

Stephan Zandt received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Studies in Cultures and Religions (European Ethnology/Cultural Studies, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Study of Religions) from Philipps-University, Marburg (Germany) in 2009, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Theory and History from Humboldt University, Berlin in 2013. He wrote his M.A. thesis on the concepts and mediatisation of wildlife observations in the works of Alexander von Humboldt. He joined the project »Nature/Culture: on the History of the Transformation of a Mythical Demarcation« as part of the SFB 644 »Transformations of Antiquity« as a Research Associate in 2013, focusing on his PhD-project »Strange worlds of taste. A history of transformation«. His further research interests include: Human-Animal-Studies andpolitical zoology; the cultural history of ecology and ethology; culinary anthropology and the anthropology of the senses.


»Die Thiere feiern den Vollmond!« Alexander von Humboldt und der Versuch, »[d]as nächtliche Thierleben I’m Urwalde« zu beschreiben», [»The Animals are Celebrating the Full Moon!« Alexander von Humboldt and his Attempt to »Describe the Life of Animals at Night in the Jungle«] in: Andere Ökologien. Transformationen von Mensch und Tier, [Other Ecologies. Transformations of the Human and the Animal], Iris Därmann and Stephan Zandt (eds.), with assistance by Fiona Faßler, München: Fink 2017, forthcoming.

»Neue Horizonte des Geschmacks. Exotische Genussmittel und sinnliche Aufklärung bei Georg   Forster«   [»New   Horizons   of   Taste.   Exotic   Semiluxury   Foods   and   Sensual Enligthenment in Georg Forster«], in: Weltreisen. Aufzeichnen, aufheben, weitergeben –Forster, Humboldt, Chamisso[World Travels. Recording, Saving, Passing On – Forster, Humboldt, Chamisso]   (Chamisso-Studien, Vol. 2), Julian Drews, Ottmar Ette, Tobias Kraft, Barbara   Schneider-Kempf   and   Jutta   Weber,   Göttingen:   Vandenhoeck   &   Rupprecht, forthcoming.