The art of sex education

Contemporary aesthetics as idiosyncratic interventions in hegemonic sexual discourses

How do you un_learn how to have sex? Between the necessity of sex education and the offers of lifelong sexual didactics such as workshops and advice literatures, various implicit mediations of sexual knowledge and skills can be discerned, which manifest themselves in works of art, pornography or pop culture. The project focuses on the specific aesthetic and epistemic procedures of sexual education media and asks how resistant, inventive and unheard-of sexual conceptions articulate themselves within the cracks of conventional discourses which tend to use neoliberal imperatives of mastery and competence. The project’s special interest lies in concepts of sexual understandings which emphasize pathos, nonsovereignty and vulnerability, but also weird, pleasurable surpluses and an ethical relationship to the other. The ›most natural thing in the world‹ is reconstructed as a pre-figured, designed and phantasmatically charged sphere, which turns out to be a hub of highly political questions that make sensual relations criticizable.