Jan Mollenhauer

Research Assistant

Georgenstr. 47
10117 Berlin


During summer 2017, Jan Mollenhauer is Research Assistant at the research and teaching area »Cultural History and Theory of Aesthetics«. There, he is currently a PhD candidate working on a dissertation about visual memory of the African Diaspora. He received his M.A. in Cultural History and Theory at Humboldt University of Berlin. In his thesis »Racing Dreams: Technology and Forgetting in Los Angeles, 1915/1971«, he studied the ways in which patterns of colonialism induced processes of forgetting in L.A.’s cultural imaginary. In the fall of 2017, he will be at the Getty Research Institute for a research project on the history of theory in the United States around 1970. In his work, he is interested in visual cultures of the subaltern and the marginal, postcolonial cultural history and postcolonial knowledge as well as psychoanalysis.


»Adorno Noir. Los Angeles und der deutsche Wiederaufbau«, in: ilinx, 5 [Peer Review].

Talks and Presentations

Zeugenschaft. William Alexander Scott III. in Buchenwald
Workshop »Trauma und Kunst. Grenzzustände des Psychischen«, Institute for Cultural History and Cultural Theory/Center for Gender Studies, Humboldt-University Berlin/University of the Arts Graz, 15.03.2017
Nothing but fear. On Lynching Photography
Conference »Media and Fear« at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies, Lund University, Sweden, 16.03.2017
Fremde Trauer. Georgia und Buchenwald
Conference »Körper und Lager – Eine interdisziplinäre Betrachtung der Verflechtungen von Herrschaft, Leben und Sterben in nationalsozialistischen Lagern«, Institute for History, Humboldt-University Berlin, 26.-27.10.2017