Waldemar Isak

Research Assistant

Georgenstr. 47
10117 Berlin


Waldemar Isak studied Cultural History and Theory and Media Studies at Humboldt University of Berlin and University of Edinburgh. In January 2022 he completed his M.A. studies with a thesis titled »Sleepless Positions. Marina Benjamin’s Insomnia, and Aesthetic Reflections of Sleeplessness in the Essay«. After completing his traineeship at the Humanities editorial of De Gruyter, he currently works as a research assistant at the research and teaching area »Cultural Theory and Cultural History and Theory of Aesthetics«.


with Sofie Fingado: »Nicht-Wollen und die Zwischenräume der Ausrede«, in: Iris Därmann / Andreas Gehrlach (ed.): Widerstand und Ablehnung. Berlin: De Gruyter (expected 2023).

Selbstbehältnisse. Orte und Gegenstände der Aufbewahrung von Subjektivität. ed. with Laura Busse and Andreas Gehrlach. Berlin: Neofelis 2021.